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Another Desktop Screenshot by SoshenCloud Another Desktop Screenshot :iconsoshencloud:SoshenCloud 0 2 Dev ID by SoshenCloud Dev ID :iconsoshencloud:SoshenCloud 2 19 Screenshot by SoshenCloud Screenshot :iconsoshencloud:SoshenCloud 0 13
Does the moon hear me
When I scream and shout?
Does the moon hear me?
What do I do?
I can't leave myself an unfinished book,
I must press on.
Through all the dullness you throw at me,
I'm left without another clue.
O, grand, great, shining night sky,
How can I, myself, so tiny,
Hope at all, to be within another part of you.
Like love, I can't control my own heart,
Which screams,
it begs,
I'm pleading to you, please, hear me great moon!
Drown my old self with thine light,
And open my eyes anew.
:iconsoshencloud:SoshenCloud 0 4
Vocabulary (part 1)
these strings of poems,
words attracting,
wishing to be free,
to be heard.
Vocabulary (part 2)
But we vandalize,
We criticize,
we cut-down and ostracize,
these beautiful, love-made
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I am a man, I am for real.
Your sin cannot touch me;
I'm putrid. I'm elden. I'm old.
I have my own weight to carry,
These memories are full. I'm clear amongst the wicked.
Fearing not what I unfold.
Leave no rock untunred.
Don't let chance just happen by.
Your ignorance will not lead you to happiness, nor bliss.
:iconsoshencloud:SoshenCloud 0 5
The Sail -Across the Horizon-
The Earth lies to me.
It says, in the quiet, "Walk away, you're different than they. You see something else, a world made with the heartbeat of the sea", and peraps, it is true; I don't feel such things as the rays of the sun, or the sting of a rose's thorn. I do feel differently.
However... the things I see tell me otherwise. They say, "do not leave me. You are with yourself here, here in this cradle of reality," but it is fake, a lie.
And so I say, "Run away, go throughout it's claim, and find thouse who are to blame for the lie. Speak to them, listen to what they say, do not allow for the corrupt to intervene. Listen, and then sail away..."
And now I sit, within the midsts of indecision, cross-legged in wait, hoping these blank dreams I believe in will not fail me.
:iconsoshencloud:SoshenCloud 0 11
Randum Rambling 1- Techniques
Sometimes when I’m alone I brood. I believe we are all energy merely sqished into tiny balls of matter that continue the path they were set when they were born and brought into the world. That’s what energy does, isn’t it? It doesn’t have much of a mind of it’s own, it always follows a path laid down for it by workers when they’re putting up powerlines. That’s all energy does, and all we do. All we can do, to control this path, is make choices, and change our path. That’s all. Our future is predetermined because we’ve already lived it. When we’re born. When we’re concieved we being to grow inside our mommies, and are given the path we must follow for whatever purpose the higher beings see fit. After all, it can’t just stop with us. We’re not that important. We’re just a race running for the top spot that can never be achieved because we are always evolving. With every step and every move our society mak
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Home Brewed by SoshenCloud Home Brewed :iconsoshencloud:SoshenCloud 0 18
The Hypocrite
God I feel sick, what made me want to do this?
I am locked up, and I cannot stay here any longer.
I feel lost. It's hurting me to be with you, so please let go of me. Literally, and metaphorically.
It's hard, so hard.
I was not doing it for me, anymore.
I always told you not to make me what chooses for you
     Who you are,
     What you've been,
      And what to do,
But I made all of those parts of me.
So now I'm the hypocrite.
"Don't let me pull you down." Don't let me.
Make yourself a man, and be ready to be without me.
Because my plane is boarding, and I'm not coming back, not with you, at least.
I'm leaving, I'm sorry; I'll always love you. Not like you can believe me, The Hypocrite, but I hope you'll try.
:iconsoshencloud:SoshenCloud 0 9
I Am Me
The teachers are speaking louder, trying to talk over the cell phones, and television shows,while still not sacrificing respect from the students. But it can't change their views on what people should be like.
And you do not conform.
So (t)here you have no place.
So get back, let the gangbusta's through.
They don't have to explain what you'll get into
You are not like them.
And therefore you are not you.
You are a model,
A slacker
A cocaine-dealing, drug-making, self-abusing, self-starving, back-stabbing, gossip/rumor-spreading, out-putting,  credit-card spending, buying, dying, denying, crying, hating, loving (too much), flaming, lying, judging, masking, pretending, saying, pimping, hustling, spying, undressing, using, abusing, writing, telling, snitching, twitching, itching, WISHING YOU WOULDN'T MISS THE POINT!!
Failing, trailing, taking, criticizing, And realizing, you are who you choose to be, but don't ever let anyone tell you what or who you'll be.
For then, that wi
:iconsoshencloud:SoshenCloud 0 2
I want to lick the blood off the blade, and let it drip down my tounge.
I want to see the pools of it, and drown in its taste, as I drink from it, laughing in contempt.
I want to see the sun's last rise, as my eyes turn blind to what was alive, when that was what I was.
:iconsoshencloud:SoshenCloud 0 3
Don't Know Why
I just don't know why...
every time, it seems... like you're just going to abandon me...
Again, and again, and again...
life breathes.
Please don't let it end... Fade away... fading out from here...
Begining, again.
Finding yourself, within another land... it brings, and heals, and bathes away, all the pain.
oh, why... why... is it...
Amazing life we've lived, today... I won't be back. No longer, no more. No more am I in this game.
:iconsoshencloud:SoshenCloud 0 1
Where we Run Away to
So I hide behind these letters,
just to run away from you.
Because you don't know what they mean,
And you can't tell them what to say.
They are mine and mine alone. No one can re-duplicate them, or put them down to a new wordplay.
but momentarily- who can say? What my letters will play today. As being such as their creator, only my wish will become one letter's command.
They cannot defy me,
Nor rape me,
Nor hate me,
They cannot lie to the one whom is their's.
For without me they'd be nothing.
Not a dime of life given to their name.
So within me, I create them.
And with my life's new letters,
Written, all the world will become.
(because I hide behind these letters,
and I now can run away to you.)
:iconsoshencloud:SoshenCloud 1 9
what youre looking for...
You there, walking on the street.
What is it you're looking for? Going down this
Perhaps it is a trading card? A camera? A book?
Or maybe it's just something... that cannot be
sold. Perhaps you search for love, or fame. Or how
about a dream?
What if this walk was just like your life? Any
moment, the smallest thing could change it  forever.
Just like reading this sign. What was the
reason you stopped for this sign? There must have
been a reason, other than staring at its words.
Curious, perhaps, why this is in front of my
store? Well, you see, you never know exactly what
you're going to find... No matter what you're
searching for. But maybe... Just maybe... What
your searching for is right inside.....
:iconsoshencloud:SoshenCloud 0 2
This Lie
This Castle of a home,
I've seen it in my dreams.
Although I was a pre-teen,
I was but a child in this dream.
Perhaps... one who had been educated,
   Could not of dreampt like this.
That would be the educated explination.
Thoughts of the dream pull me back under,
Their Control.
Blackness all around me,
      Not one of the star's lights seem close.
I stay on my knees,
                confused and Bewhildered.
I look all around me,
              head rolling 'round on a thread.
Bewhildered look on my face, I can see a bit of
:iconsoshencloud:SoshenCloud 0 2

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